Devatics Omnichannel Cloud

Agile Omnichannel Solutions
for Retail
Lightweight and value-based unification of digital channels and physical points of sale
In an omnichannel landscape where consumers’ expectations are at odds with the speed that businesses are able to respond due to technology restrictions, Devatics Omnichannel Cloud drives significant, yet agile omnichannel value for retailers and consumers alike.
  • Quick and agile implementation
  • Minimal upfront cost
  • Significant ROI within a couple of months

the ultimate stock optimisation solution
Apart from costing sales and eroding margins, poor stock availability online is the biggest cause of customer dissatisfaction. OneStock, our agile, value-based solution allows your website to sell products online that are out of stock in your DC but still available in some of your stores. Our store staff interface allows products to be shipped seamlessly, from store to customers with a seamless experience.
Driving double digit online sales growth for cross-channel retailers, through the aggregation of stock silos, boosting online availability and allowing fulfilment from store networks. OneStock is platform agnostic and compliments existing core/ legacy systems.

Comprehensive web-to-store & store-to-web platform
Web to store: Devatics Omnichannel Cloud provides various solutions allowing websites to drive traffic to physical stores.
Store to web: OneStock allows stores to provide their own products to the website and other digital channels.
The range of solutions is handled by store staff in a single unified back-office:
  • Click And Collect
  • Reserve And Collect
  • Personal Stylist
  • Ship From Store
  • Clienteling

A dedicated back-office provides Customer Services a comprehensive set of tools for handling all orders and appointments that are initiated via the platform.
The retailer's Headquarters are equipped with a comprehensive dashboard, allowing them to easily monitor and finetune the operations.

Cross-channel Merchandising
Devatics Omnichannel Cloud performs a state-of-the-art Product Recommendation solution, grounded on powerful algorithms and ultra-flexible business rules.
Either integrated with web pages or called by API, merchandising features can be implemented on any digital channel, at any stage of the customer journey.
  • Fully customisable design
  • Fully customisable and automated product selection

Point of sale devices are equipped with clienteling functionalities such as machine-learning based recommendations related to each customer's web browsing history:
  • Vendor till
  • Vendor mobile device
  • Point of sale screens

Omnichannel behavioural messaging
Pushing promotional messages to a finely targeted audience brings numerous benefits such as:
  • Reduced bounce rate
  • Improved conversion funnel
  • Increased average basket
  • Increased loyalty
  • CRM enrichment
  • Web to store traffic boost
  • Enhanced in-store experience

Any retailers’ set of digital touchpoints can thus be customised according to the behaviour of every single user, based on a wide variety of criteria (browsing, purchasing, etc.) as well as contextual elements (acquisition channel, device, etc.).
Triggering a message at the right stage of the omnichannel journey allows retailers to:
  • Engage or re-engage visitors into navigation
  • Offer customers targeted promotions
  • Collect data
  • Encourage them to visit points of sale
  • Improve in-store conversion
  • Web to store traffic boost
  • Enhanced in-store experience

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